Jersey Shore cast turns down Selena?

The Jersey Shore cast apparentley doesn’t have time to go to kiddy concerts. Selena Gomez was having a show in New York, so who better to call up than the Jersey Shore? “I invited them to my New York Show because I was like, ‘OK, I have to invite the Jersey Shore to my New York show’, and they called me back and they go, ‘We’re booked ’til May.’ said the Disney starlet adding “Im like, OK sorry.”


7 Responses to Jersey Shore cast turns down Selena?

  1. Miley13 says:

    haaaa haaa Im starting to like the Jersey Shore!

  2. xoxojonasxoxo says:

    the jersey shore can suck it they aren’t even famous

  3. demiselly says:

    why didn’t selena call me? I live in NY lol

  4. nicki says:

    The jersey shore wouldn’t be appropriate if they went so… idk why she was even thinking about inviting them…

  5. mileylover says:

    pft. nuff said

  6. SelFan says:

    love selena but it probably wasn’t a great idea to invite the jersey shore in the first place

  7. hah some of the observations most people write are such stoner remarks, over and over i ask myself whether they seriously read the information and items before leaving your 2 cents or whether or not they actually skim the title of the post and generate the very first thing that one thinks of. anyway, it is really useful to read through smart commentary from time to time in contrast to the same exact, old post vomit which i oftentimes see on the net

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