Everything You Need to Know about Camustin

October 7, 2014

Okay so in case you don’t know, Camustin (also known as Ausmila) is the couple name referring to Fifth Harmony group member, Camila Cabello and Austin Mahone. The two have been rumored to be dating since mid 2013. Austin Mahone also made known to both fan bases on Twitter in 2012 that he was interested in Miss Cabello when he tweeted her “Hey Gorgeous! Good job tonight I voted for you.” flash forward to 2013 there were numerous rumors going around that the two were dating, In an E! interview Camila awkwardly addressed the topic and made it clear that they were just friends. (Which was totally believable back then)  Here’s were things start getting tricky, Austin was rumored to be with and many people shipped him with, Becky G. They made a song together, they were on tour together and Becky seemed to be definitley in to him, this caused an all out Twitter war!! As people started to ship Camustin Fifth Harmony Fans began to become annoyed, especially Camren shippers (Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello) and Austin also seemed like a player in their eyes, As he was flirting with Becky G he was also flirting with Camila, Uh oh. The mmm yeah singer was also caught when he instagrammed a pic with Becky saying “Always good to see you.” and then later he said the same thing on another pic ft. Camila Cabello, can you say player? About 2 weeks ago Camila and Austin were spotted outside their tour buses talking and what appears to be kissing. It is still unconfirmed if they are dating or not but it seems very clear that they are more than just friends.


Is Robin Thicke Becoming Desperate?

June 27, 2014

Watch for yourself in Robin’s new music video “Get Her Back” the singer looks sad and defeated while a Paula Patton look-a-like is drowning in the background to symbolize the emotional stress he put her through. He also shares personal texts between him and Paula throughout the music video. Texts show “I wrote a whole album about you.” “I don’t care.” poor Robin but it just may be a little too late.

Jay Z’s got 99 Problems and it Looks like Beyonce’s Sister Might be One.

May 13, 2014

This TMZ video shows Solonge Knowles attacking Jay Z in an elevator at the Met Gala Ball. It’s not clear as to why but whatever it was Beyonce left Jay Z to ride back home with her sister while he had to ride by himself.

Taylor Swift Opens up on Her Friendship with Selena Gomez at E! News

May 10, 2014

Taylor Swift Opens up on Her Friendship with Selena Gomez at E! News

Taylor Swift sat down with E! news in a candid interview and opened up on her friendship with Selena Gomez stating “Both of us have kind of stuck it out and hung in there through all the different changes we’ve gone through.” Although Taylor and Selena have had a bit of a rocky friendship this year, which many speculate it having to do with Selena’s on and off relationship with Justin Bieber. Taylor thinks they will be long time friends and says “It’s been the longest one I think either of us have had really.” Uh oh did Taylor forget about Selena’s long time childhood friend Demi Lovato?

Zac Efron and Seth Rogan on the Tonight Show

May 7, 2014

Zac Efron and Seth Rogan stopped by the Tonight Show to promote their new movie Neighbors and did a skit for a fake nickelodeon show called “Ew!”

Awkward Coachella moment

April 15, 2014

Awkward Coachella moment

A lot of us are still confused as to why Justin performed with Chance the Rapper at Coachella. Chance may have asked Bieber to attend and although Coachella brings crowds of celebrities like his former GF Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Austin Butler, Joe Jonas, Kylie & Kendall Jenner,  just to name a few, the majority of it’s concert goers are less interested in trying to turn it in to a fashion show like many celebrities are turning it in to and are more interested in the indie music offered and its “good vibes atmosphere.” Many people in the crowd were less than pleased to see that Justin Bieber was there. He may be a great performer but didn’t fit in with Coachella and his performance fell flat.

Chelsea Handler to Piers Morgan “You are the worst interviewer.”

March 13, 2014

Chelsea Handler, comedian and host of Chelsea Lately on E! seemed displeased with how she was treated on The Piers Morgan show and confronted him about it on air, stating that he was a horrible interviewer and maybe that’s why his job was coming to an end. He laughed and played it off as a joke but it seems as though Chelsea was joking in the least bit.